Baby & Toddler rooms

Baby & Toddler room

Our Baby Rooms are bright, cheerful environments, which are warm and cosy with a relaxed 'home from home' atmosphere. With a staff to child ration of 1-3, the playrooms have plenty of floor space for babies to crawl or take their first steps. A dedicated kitchen area is used to prepare food and snacks. Sleep areas and changing facilities are also provided.

We aim to make the transition from home to nursery as smooth and stress-free as possible, and these rooms offer comfort and plenty of distractions to keep little minds busy. 

  • Loving and caring environments, maintaining rigid standards of cleanliness, ensure that babies receive the very best care and attention.
  • Stimulating activities help them to learn through play from their very first day - a philosophy that continues as your child progresses through the Nursery.
  • Examples of these activities are treasure baskets, finger painting, food tasting and even full body painting!
  • As part of their daily routine, babies enjoy a sleep, cooked dinner and tea, plus any necessary bottle feeds.
  • Routines established at home are, wherever possible, maintained, and to ensure that everything is communicated back to parents, a daily record of activities and achievements is kept. 

All of this means that babies receive a magical and wonderful start to Nursery life before joining their friends in the young toddler group. In this group, children are becoming much more mobile and interactive. Again, during the day, staff set out activities to encourage each child to develop at his or her own pace, offering comfort and support wherever needed.

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