Older Toddler room (2 to 3 years)

Older Toddler room

This room has a really 'busy' atmosphere, and is a gentle introduction to the more robust Nursery activities. Children are gradually introduced to more directional learning, but always at their own speed, and specific to their individual needs and routines. 

At this age, children start to become independent, as their language and curiosity develops. They have a wide range of activities to occupy them throughout the day and a selection of planned and free play activities is freely available. This 'learning through play' philosophy is the key to our happy and cheerful toddler rooms. 

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with parents to help and advise on each child's changing needs (eg. potty training and awareness of hygiene issues). 

In this age group children are encouraged to understand the importance of handwashing and other self-help skills with the help of a caring and sensitive team of staff. 

Children are, therefore, well prepared for the next stage of their journey through Nursery. 

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