Pre-School group (3 to 4 years)

Pre-school group

This group covers the whole of the three rooms upstairs in the Nursery (two of these are air-conditioned) so the children have plenty of space for their growing needs. Here we introduce extended learning through play, which is planned around the Early Years Foundation Stages as a further development of their curriculum. 

  • We help to nurture strong, confident, happy and well-adjusted children, preparing them for the next essential transition.
  • Messy play, art and craft activities, simple baking, sand and water play, simple computer work, and plenty of outdoor activity are all encouraged and provided for.
  • These three rooms are dedicated learning environments which provide interesting activities designed to stimulate young minds.
  • All activities are carefully planned by staff qualified in Early Years Development, and inspected by OFSTED to ensure the effectiveness of our teaching.

We actively encourage parents to become involved with Nursery activities through 'at home' sheets and a 'parent participation' board in the room. Parents are also encouraged to request a review of their child's progress at regular intervals throughout the year.

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