Meals & Menus

We have an experienced and qualified cook on-site, who works 5 days a week preparing nutritious home-cooked food.

Her meals are always tasty, and use herbs and mild spices (as an alternative to salt and sugar) to add flavour.

The menus are on a 4 week rota, offering variation from day to day. Children over 1 year have toast, fruit and a drink of milk around 9.00am, followed by a cooked meal and dessert at lunch time, and a light tea mid-afternoon.

Babies up to about 14 months have a 'cooked' tea, being gradually introduced to finger food from about 12 months.

We only ever offer children water to drink, unless a parent should specifically request an alternative. All children are regularly encouraged to drink water throughout the day, with older children helping themselves from a jug which is readily available.

An example of a typical nursery meal would be ...


Roast chicken, with stuffing, fresh vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy
Home-made rice pudding


Grated cheese and carrot sandwiches, on wholemeal bread
Sliced peppers and cucumber
Oatmeal raisin cakes


Mushroom risotto and fruit puree

At all times we encourage children to understand the benefits of healthy eating, and to experience, and enjoy, the foods of cultures other than their own.

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